Research Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates

Pharmaceuticals are useful tools for mechanism of action studies in many ways. Besides being enzyme inhibitors, receptor agonists or antagonists, channel blockers, neurotransmitters themselves, they are used to compare and define other emerging compounds for their prospective applications.

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  • Structure Details
    Product Name: Atazanavir
    Order number: 100087
    CAS: 198904-31-3
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C38H52N6O7
    MW: 704.869
    MP: 207-209 (M.I.) oC

    This compound is an enzyme inhibitor of protease found in HIV virus.
    Product Name: Cefixime
    Order number: 100996
    CAS: 79350-37-1
    Purity: 90%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C16H15N5O7S2
    MW: 453.444
    MP: 250 (M.I.) oC

    This compound binds to penicillin-binding proteins located inside bacteria cell wall.
    Product Name: Clonidine hydrochloride
    Order number: 100197
    CAS: 4205-90-7
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C9H10Cl3N3
    MW: 266.55
    MP: 305 (M.I.) oC

    This compound stimulates alfa 2 adrenoceptor pre-synaptically to relax blood vessel and manage hypertension.
    Product Name: Clotrimazole
    Order number: 100201
    CAS: 23593-75-1
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C22H17ClN2
    MW: 344.842
    MP: 147-149 (M.I.) oC

    This compound can pass fungal cytoplasmic membrane barrier and inhibit ergosterol synthesis.
    Product Name: Dantrolene
    Order number: 100212
    CAS: 7261-97-4
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C14H10N4O5
    MW: 314.257
    MP: 279-280 (M.I.) oC

    This compound binds to muscular ryanodine receptor 1 thereby decreasing intracellular calcium concentration.
    Product Name: Desloratadine
    Order number: 100219
    CAS: 100643-71-8
    Purity: >=95%
    Appearance: solid
    MF: C19H19ClN2
    MW: 310.825
    MP: 150-151 (M.I.) oC

    This antihistamine compound does not pass BBB.