W&J PharmaChem, Inc is a Maryland company of manufacture and distribution of chemistry reagents for chemical and life-science R&D needs.

General Policies

  • The company acts on good faith, providing products and services to our customers for research and development use. We are not held responsible for any unintended use of the products.
  • Customers should be cautious when handling any chemicals. Always follow safety regulations and use proper personal protection equipment such as gloves and goggles, whenever possible. Read the product safety information carefully before using the products. Make sure that the operator handling chemicals has received proper training in advance.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all our products are for laboratory use only. W&J PharmaChem is not responsible for any harm and injury caused as a result of improper use and handling of the products.
  • A purchase order is a legal document for product or service. The terms may be altered only if participating parties are in consent. A PO remains effective unless it is officially cancelled.
  • Payment is due on 30-day terms.
  • Product returns as a result of quality issues are generally permitted. WJPI’s representative should be consulted before any product disposal takes place.
  • Unless otherwise specified, any business disputes will be resolved on the legal interpretation of the laws of Maryland.


Thousands of boronic acids for organic and medicinal chemists

Bio Lab

Bulk phosphoramidtes, dNTPs and NTPs for nucleic acid therapeutics